Resources & Activities – Financial Literacy, Savings & Planning

It is becoming increasingly important for young people to learn to earn, save, and manage their finances. We are placing increased emphasis on the importance of student savings, financial knowledge and future planning through interactive and relevant lessons. We are achieving this through high quality curriculum that has been developed and is being delivered through collaborative partnerships with several organizations in our community.

Below is a list of resources and activities supported by the Decade of Difference in the Financial Literacy, Savings & Planning Impact Area. You can filter the list by using the dropdowns below.



Cash For College Workshops (Grade 12 students and parents)
Contact: Decade of Difference | 707-445-7020 An interactive hands-on event held at our comprehensive high schools designed to provide parents and students the support needed to successfully apply for financial aid by completing the FASFA or Dream Act applications.


Crafting Up Business (Grades 6-8)
Contact: Karen Brooks | 707-445-7563

Middle school students learn the principles of entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation. Crafting Up practices the concepts of ideation, branding, finance and marketing towards the goal of actual sales. The ultimate goal is to help students develop products they are able to sell at local craft fairs, holiday festivals, and more.


Elementary School Financial Literacy Lessons (Grades K-5)
Contact: Chérie Zygaczenko | 707-445-7007

Working with local financial institution partners, we coordinate professionals to deliver vetted and age appropriate lessons to elementary school classes in an effort to engage students to begin to think about their choices when it comes to money, wants, needs, and planning.


FAFSA and the FAFSA Completion Project (Graduating Seniors & College)
Contact: Decade of Difference | 707-445-7020 The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is your gateway to financial aid and opens the door for you to receive grants, loans, work study and certain college, university and career technical program scholarships. In addition, many states and colleges use your FAFSA information to determine your eligibility for state and school aid, and some private financial aid providers may use your FAFSA information to determine whether you qualify for their aid.


Financial Aid Lesson Plans (Grade 12 students and Civics and Economics teachers)
Contact: Chérie Zygaczenko | 707-445-7007

Six lesson plans have been designed to support Civics and Economics teachers with a comprehensive tool that engages 12th grade students in the successful completion of the FAFSA or Dream Act applications.


High School Financial Literacy Lessons (Grades 9-12)
Contact: Karen Brooks | 707-445-7563

In partnership with more than 10 local financial, accounting and insurance institutions, we deliver age appropriate lessons and activities covering some of the key principles of financial literacy. This can be tailored into a day-long event or over the course of a weekly series.

Topics include: Spending Plans & Budgeting; Earning & Income; Insurance; Taxes; Credit; Investing & Savings; College & Financial Aid Planning; and Identity Theft.


Lemonade Day (Grades K-8)
Contact: Karen Brooks | 707-445-7563

Lemonade Day is a nation-wide event presented locally by AEDC and Decade of Difference, with additional support from local sponsors. It teaches kids how to start, own and operate a business using a lemonade stand.


The Awesome Preztel Cart (Grades 6-8 at Ferndale Elementary)
Contact: Kay Becker | 707-786-5900

Through a generous donation from Guy Fieri's Cooking with Kids Foundation, Ferndale Elementary School received a replica of Guy Fieri's portable pretzel stand for use in fundraising efforts. Students also learn aspects of entrepreneurship, customer service, and financial literacy.