Requirements to Participate

All contestants must be at least 14 but not older than 19 years of age by February 15, 2019. A younger student may be in an age eligible team. Legal residents of Humboldt County are eligible to compete. All contestants are required to prove eligibility upon request.

Students must submit their Elevator Pitch Videos through Decade of Difference to be eligible to participate in the competition. Submissions are accepted on thumb-drives or DVDs received by the Humboldt County Office of Education’s Decade of Difference Department by the deadline specified. No submission will be accepted after the deadline.

By submitting a video, the contestant is opting-in to receive Decade of Difference Innovate! Business Challenge information and other related materials. Semi-finalists will need to sign the Memo of Understanding form and submit their Registration Form. Semi-finalists under the age of 18 must have written parent/guardian permission to continue in the Challenge.

Semi-finalists grant the Decade of Difference the right to use and display their pictures, videos and ideas for educational and marketing purposes. Individuals or teams may submit an entry but no more than three video submissions per individual or team. Contestants cannot use an existing business, that is not their own, for their idea. Individual/team’s business idea must represent their original work.

In that this is an “educational” related activity, all submissions (video uploads, answers to Business Questions, and Finalist Presentations) must be suitable for audiences of multiple ages and be presented appropriately. The judges, in collaboration with Humboldt County Office of Education personnel, have sole discretion throughout the Innovate! Business Challenge process to void entries, terminate student participation, and refer for disciplinary review for submissions that are deemed “inappropriate”. Examples of “inappropriate submissions include but are not limited to those that: promote illegal activities, contain sexual references, use inappropriate language, are cruel in content, etc.

Students selected for Phase 2, answer 13 Business Concept Questions uploaded through Decade of Difference website or by using an alternative process as specified above. No submission will be accepted after the deadline.

Finalists must be physically present to compete in Phase 3. Up to Ten Finalists will be selected to present their idea and compete for cash prizes. Five Finalists will compete in a Design Review and attend the Finale.

The Top Five Finalists will present at a Mock Practice, a Media Rehearsal, and compete in the Finale. Each of the Phase 3 presentations will be to a panel judges who will review, score, and award cash prizes to the Finalists.

I have read, understood and will abide by the Requirements, as stated above, throughout the Contest.

Contestant must be physically present to compete in Phase 3, the Finale Presentation or Design Review, practices and rehearsal. Each Phase 3 Presentation must adhere to guidelines which will be provided upon notification.

If you have questions call (707) 445-7563 or e-mail

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