NOTICE: This website is no longer updated, as the Decade of Difference initiative has reached its sunset date. Relevant information has been transferred to the main HCOE site.

College & Career Planning

Exposing youth at an early age to the possibility of college and post-secondary education, in relation to future career opportunities is of critical importance. By providing students and their parents with relevant resources, access to reliable information and exposure to our local post-secondary institutions will assist us in meeting our objectives.

Additionally, we believe students who make connections between their current education and learning with future career aspirations, will become successful adults and employees. Our aim is to assist students in developing a pathway based on their interests and skills that will promote viable opportunities in the arenas of post-secondary education, vocational training, and career development.


General Strategies

  • We will promote and support appropriate and useful college and career related resources to youth, parents, and educators.
  • We will develop partnerships with Humboldt State University and College of the Redwoods and promote both schools as appropriate post-secondary educational considerations.
  • We will create web based resources for youth, families, and educators to access college and career related resources.
  • We will support local educators to be familiar and comfortable with identified college and career related software.
  • We will promote potential regional vocational opportunities related to the Target's of Opportunity


Specific Action Plans

  • Develop and distribute student planners to all participating 7th through 12th grade students across the county. These planners will be place based, will provide tips and information relative to: study skills, organizational skills, college and career related resources, youth community based resources, and information about the Targets of Opportunity.
  • Promote use of and train students, educators, and parents in the web based Kuder Navigator program which connects students interests and skills to college and careers and supports them in developing their educational and career pathway.
  • Provide participating 7th and 8th grade students with the opportunity to become familiar and acquainted with Humboldt State University and College of the Redwoods via the "I've Already Been Admitted to College Program" which features a college compact between the institutions and each participating student.
  • Deliver a relevant and engaging career exploration and leadership student program to participating Districts/Schools (Humboldt LIVE)
  • Develop and deliver a week long summer Middle School Career Camp on the College of the Redwoods campus for interested incoming 6th and 7th grade students to innovate, design, and create. The camp will provide the opportunity for students to explore careers in high tech fields that will help them move ahead in the global environment.
  • Develop the HUB website that provides individuals with the opportunity to explore and share relevant college and career related resources.
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