Early Success

The Early Success workgroup focuses on the "early years" continuum ages 0-8. There is strong evidence through research demonstrating that providing early intervention, especially in the area of reading, is critical as it correlates with academic success, high school graduation, post-secondary success, and workforce competence.

By preparing our youth and ensuring their Kindergarten readiness, expanding early enrichment opportunities, and providing one-on-one early literacy support, our youth will be better prepared to succeed in school. The strong partnerships with organizations such as First 5 Humboldt are helping to shape the resources and services available to our young people and their families.


General Strategies

  • We will promote and support best practices in the area of early year's development, kindergarten readiness, and early literacy.
  • We will develop partnerships with local early year's child advocates and agencies who share similar beliefs and goals.
  • We will create an appropriate supplemental early literacy program that is focused on improving reading and math numeracy.
  • We will develop resources for families of early age children that promote brain development, social/emotional development, and physical development.


Specific Action Plans

  • Develop a year long volunteer based Transitional Kindergarten through 1st grade Early Literacy reading tutoring model that is based on best practices.
  • Develop a year long volunteer based 1st and 2nd grade math numeracy tutoring model that is based on best practices.
  • Refine and deliver a comprehensive volunteer training program for individuals delivering early literacy tutoring services.
  • Train aspiring HSU Teacher Credential candidates in the early literacy model and assist to place them in the field for semester based experiences.
  • Develop resources that will be of value to families and care providers of early age children.
  • Collaborate with local educators to develop a relevant and useful universal Kindergarten Readiness Screening Tool.
  • Raise awareness about importance of early years and identify local services and resources available through PR campaign.
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