NOTICE: This website is no longer updated, as the Decade of Difference initiative has reached its sunset date. Relevant information has been transferred to the main HCOE site.

Parent & Community Engagement

We recognize the critical role our parents and community play in the healthy development of our youth. Additionally, we share the belief that it takes a village to raise a child and we are committed to providing programs and resources that assist parents and community members to support children in achieving their aspirations and experiencing success in school, career, and in life.


General Strategies

  • We will provide opportunities to gather information from parents and the community to determine what priorities are most important in assisting our youth to become successful adults.
  • We will develop partnerships with community organizations and businesses to leverage opportunities for the youth in our community.
  • We will identify youth related resources and services that currently exist in the community in order to reduce duplication and create greater efficiencies for service.
  • We will identify mechanisms for interested community members and parents to assist in furthering the goals and objectives of the Initiative through volunteerism.


Specific Action Plans

  • Work with business and industry leader to identify important regional workforce competencies.
  • Partner with key businesses and organizations that directly align with the Targets of Opportunities.
  • Develop a Career Mentorship program around the Targets of Opportunity that encourages and supports students who may be interesting in pursuing related career fields.
  • Partner with Humboldt State University to design and develop a parent/school engagement program that promotes improved family and school communications.
  • Our efforts will take into account our diverse student and family populations and will be centered around identifying existing school engagement barriers as well as providing opportunities to disseminate information in a culturally responsive manner.
  • Provide outreach services to identify and promote Initiative involvement and volunteerism for the community.
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