NOTICE: This website is no longer updated, as the Decade of Difference initiative has reached its sunset date. Relevant information has been transferred to the main HCOE site.

Youth Entrepreneurship, Creativity & Innovation

How do we inspire our youth to be the entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow? The Decade of Difference develops K-12 programs to infuse creativity, innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit in our schools.

Dream...Discover...Design...Develop...and Do!

Key to creating an entrepreneurial culture is inviting our business community to mentor young thinkers and provide first-hand knowledge of the principles, values and benefits of entrepreneurship and the Free Market system.


General Strategies

  • Prepare Humboldt County students to be successful in college and careers.
  • Provide our youth with career information and engage them in on-going activities promoting creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
  • Actively engage parents, business leaders, schools and community members in the Initiative.
  • Enhance existing entrepreneurship programs and strategically implement new opportunities.


Specific Action Plans

  • Expand youth entrepreneurship offerings.
  • Respond specifically to custom requests by Decade of Difference schools.
  • Support the development of Elementary School entrepreneurial activities.
  • Support the development of Middle School Crafting-up Business based on each school's niche interest.
  • Continue to evolve and enhance INNOVATE! Business Challenge, the high school business start-up competition.
  • Plan for and develop scalable models for all lessons, activities, and competitions.
  • Providprofessional development to teachers about extended entrepreneurship opportunities through various media.
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